Welcome to Full Tilt Fitting where our desire is to provide you with the best Triathlon, Road or Mountain bike fit possible allowing you to perform to your full potential. Our studio specializes in Triathlon bicycle fitting. We are an independent F.I.S.T. certified Bicycle Fitting Studio. We are not brand bound. We will fit you and provide consultation allowing you to make an informed decision in purchasing your next bike or help you with fit issues on your current Triathlon, Road, or Mountain bike. We utilize the F.I.S.T. system to optimize your position and record your Stack and Reach measurements (for Triathlon and Road). These are the measurements you need to know to find the bikes that are best suited to your particular body type, long and low, or narrow and tall.
Mountain bike fitting for a new bike starts with a consultation followed by a fitting on the fit bike and then a review of the preferred manufactures data base to determine if the desired bike has the correct stand-over and reach necessary to accommodate the rider and the intended riding style. After the purchase of the bike a final fitting takes place on a trainer. We determine correct seat height, seat fore/aft position, correct bar height and stem length. This position will be the BASE POSITION the rider will utilize. Mountain bike riding is a very dynamic activity and requires the rider to move fore and aft according to the terrain. The BASE POSITION will give the rider balance and overall control of the bike allowing him to move as required in changing terrain. 

                                                               Providing  professional certified bicycle fitting and consultation services                                                
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